Thursday, August 13, 2015

Atlanta and Crush60: Phase 2

I got this text from my sister this morning. Glad I didn't get the 4 AM wake-up call! He's going to hang out at my parents' house until Saturday and I'll grab him after CrossFit class with Julie.

The trip to Atlanta was productive. The meeting started at 8 AM and went to about 1 PM. The original end time was supposed to be 2 PM, but we were really efficient in getting through our agenda. This was great because we could all head to the airport and the CDC folks could have some time to do emails before their big meeting at 2 PM. I was able to get on standby for an earlier flight, but then that flight got delayed. I didn't end up getting to my parents' house that much sooner. Oh well, not much you can do!

I raided the fridge at my parents' house, gave RJ a see-you-later hug and then went to my own place. I charged my phone and unpacked and then thought, "Hmm, it's around 8:30 PM. Let's go to the gym!" I know, super weird. Not anything that I would have said before since I probably would have faceplanted onto my couch or bed after coming home. I figured I should use the energy that I have to good use. I originally thought I was going to start Phase 2 on Friday or Saturday, but nope, I did it today. Wow, I thought my arms were going to give out during those tabata push-ups at the end. Ugh. Good way to end a busy day though! :D


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