Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CrossFit Class and Happy Hour

I planned a happy hour for my coworker who is leaving on Friday for today, and I knew that I wouldn't have the energy to work out afterwards. I planned ahead and went to a 6:30 AM CrossFit class with Julie. The toughest part was getting out of bed. The workout wasn't as hard as last Saturday's with all those wall balls. Maybe this will be a regular Wednesday thing. Julie says that her plans to convert me into a CrossFitter is working (insert evil laugh). Ok ok. But first, I need to finish Crush60.

After class, I was starving! I wanted to eat everything in sight! I was already thinking about happy hour even though it was many many hours away. When 4:30 PM hit, Sadira and I walked over and had drinks and got some food (I had chicken tenders with fries and she got potato skins).

After happy hour, I actually went over to my cousin's house today to see what his, my aunt's, and my uncle's reaction would be. My aunt was like "It's good to be girly!" Then I went 2 houses down to my parents' house since that test run went pretty well. I didn't call attention to the nose piercing, but she noticed it when we were talking. She grimaced and rolled her eyes "Don't you have enough piercings already?" and walked away to take a shower since she was doing yardwork when I came in. My sister was in the kitchen at the same time and said something to the effect of "Wow, she took it a lot better than I thought!" Whew.

I'm going to take a rest day tomorrow and Friday and then back to crushing it on Saturday.


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