Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day Off: Arm Day and New Earbuds

Whoo hoo, day off! It was really productive too.
  • Went to the gym after breakfast and cranked out Day 18's arm workout. Blah.
  • Went to Costco to get some groceries. The cashier gave me crap about using my mom's membership card. "Are you on the membership account?  Memberships aren't transferable." Blah blah blah. Ok, ok. I'll check with my parents when they get home from vacation.
  • Went to Best Buy to return the Plantronics earbuds (they kept slipping out of my ears when I'm on the treadmill, so annoying! And I didn't think the battery life was anything special) and pick up a set of Jaybird ones. Hopefully third time's the charm. We'll see tomorrow. (I know I said I would wait to see what the raise situation was at the office, but I told myself that I need these for the gym)
  • Went to the pool in the evening. I debated on going to the community outdoor pool, but the last time I went, there were kids coming in and out of the lap lanes. I ended up going to the Aquatic Center that I used to have swim team practices. I got a lap lane to myself in the deep end, so that was really nice. Whew, I'm out of practice, but I made it through 30 minutes before I gave myself permission to get out. Maybe it's because I had already done an arm workout earlier in the day. I was proud of myself for doing a few 100 m IMs. :D
I finished watching Gone Girl earlier this evening. Wow, that was 50 kinds of messed up! Well done, but way too creepy to watch ever again.


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