Saturday, August 1, 2015

CrossFit Class and BBQ

Julie and I were the only people in this morning's CrossFit class, but that worked out in my favor because there were some exercises that I needed to learn (power cleans, thrusters, etc.) and it was better to have that individual attention to make sure that I got the movement right and I wouldn't hurt myself.  I have a feeling that my shoulders are going to ache tomorrow, but talk about a confidence booster, knowing that I learned something new and got a serious workout in.

After getting cleaned up at my parents' house, we wandered over to my cousin's place. He was having a BBQ with friends and invited us. One of the friends brought her dog, Dingo. He's a very friendly pit bull mix. The lady is moving back to Australia, but she first has to find a new home for Dingo. We're all plotting on how to get him to stay with my parents or my cousin. It would have to be a collective effort. He's such a sweet dog.
Michelle made CT a flourless chocolate birthday cake, aww!
I borrowed Man of Steel from the library on Thursday. I started watching it before I left for the airport to pick up Julie yesterday and finished it tonight. Meh, it was alright. Not as good as some of the Marvel films. Henry Cavill is obviously very handsome, but it wasn't enough for me to love the movie. My favorite part was the end, hah.


Jen W. said...

Dingo is adorable!!! I used to have 2 pitbulls. They're such awesome dogs with a really unfair bad rap. Hope things work out for that cutie. :)

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