Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spin Class, Inside Out and Day 23

8:30 AM spin class, check!

I made a deal with myself after I got home: you can go see Inside Out but you have to do Day 23’s workout right after the movie. The gym is around the corner from the theater. No excuses!

The movie was so good! It was really well done and touching…I had tears streaming down my face towards the end. I highly recommend it! I can't say that I was as much of a fan of the Disney short film that played prior to the movie. I thought the singing volcanoes were creepy.

The movie was on my mind when I was doing the workout. For example, “Disgust” was probably the main player during my time at the gym. So. Much. Sweat.  “Joy” made an appearance too…Yay, endorphins! Yay, I did it! And, oh yeah. Then there's "Anger." "Ugh, I have to keep pulling up my pants during these line jumps." "Ow, my abs." "*wheeze* This is hard." "I'm so hungry!"

I had to take longer breaks during the line jump/burpee sets because they were no joke. That’s ok though. I’ll get better at them next time.
"Mmhm, I see you over there eating dinner. Yeah, thanks for not sharing. I'll creepily stare at you instead."


Jen W. said...

Love RJ. :)

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