Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Anniversary, RJ and Sick Day

Today is our 4 year anniversary together! Hah, I know how silly that sounds, but it's true!
To read from the beginning, August 25 2011 was his first day.

I didn't have the best start to the day. I was going to take something for cramps (TMI...), but I noticed that the expiration date on the Advil at home was June 2015. I took some from the office first aid drawer, but by then, it didn't seem like anything would help. I worked for about 1.5 hours before calling it quits and telling my boss I had to go home. Fortunately, I don't live that far away from the office and I just crawled back into bed until about 2 PM. I mustered the energy to go to Safeway and get some food and then jump back onto my work computer since I had the energy. I wanted to catch my boss for any last minute things before she goes on vacation for 2 weeks starting tomorrow.
I hope I feel better by tomorrow morning. I told Julie that I would go to 6:30 AM CrossFit. Eeek!


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