Friday, August 14, 2015

Rest Day and The Longest Ride

Hooray, rest day. My shoulders were kinda sore from yesterday's chest workout anyway, and I'm going to CrossFit with Julie tomorrow, so this was perfect timing. After my telework day was over, I ordered a pick-up order from Panera, leaving time to get some other things done there while I waited. I picked up another pair of workout capris because it's still tax free week and I had a $10 off coupon (they came out to a little over $11, yay!). I also got my eyebrows cleaned up and walked around Target.

By the time I did all that, my food was ready. I used a Redbox code from this morning's email to rent The Longest Ride. I hadn't read the book, but I had seen Scott Eastwood do some promotions for it when the movie originally came out. What a hottie, ha ha. The movie was good. Classic sappy Nicholas Sparks.


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