Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Workout Capris and Facetime Session with Page

Ugh, I was definitely feeling yesterdays' Leg Day workout this morning. I was sore, but not sore enough to skip out on going to the mall and taking advantage of a coupon and Maryland Tax Free Week. Bah ha. At least I got some steps in during this rest day. I have 2 pairs of capris that don't fit well anymore because they are kinda saggy! o_0  I went to JCPenney and got 2 new pairs that were already on sale, I had a 15% coupon and they were tax free! I picked out a dark blue pair and a very loudly colorful one. The pattern reminds me of fire/lava.

The cashier forgot to remove the security tag from the pink tights, so I walked out and walked to DSW and set of the alarms. Oops. I promise I'm not a shop lifter! I went back to the store to get it removed because I think if you tried to do it yourself, ink will get all over you.

I dropped RJ off at my parents' house this evening and also went to my cousin's house to drop off his birthday present (a BBQ utensils set and an extra set of 4 kabab skewers). That way, he has his own set, instead of having to borrow my parents' (not that they have a problem with it).
My friend Page Facebook messaged me this evening, and we had an hour Facetime session. It was nice to catch up; it's been a while.


Jen W. said...

Whoop whoop on the pants being too big! And I don't think I commented about your coral (red?) pants fitting now. So awesome! For me I feel better about that kind of stuff than I do about the number on the scale. :)

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