Saturday, August 22, 2015

Brunch with Friends and Arm Day

I skipped out on CrossFit this morning to go to brunch with some friends from grad school, Jessie and Jenny. Instead of going to a local diner like we did last time, we went to Cafe Deluxe (Jenny's suggestion). I had the French toast and it was delicious! When Jenny mentioned the restaurant at the beginning of the week, I promptly looked up the menu to see what they had to offer. I've basically had my eye on the French toast all week. It totally lived up to expectations. There was lots to catch up on, and before we knew it, 2.5 hours had flown by!

I went to the gym in the afternoon for Day 25: Arm Day. I mentally winced when I reviewed the workout, but slowly but surely, I got through it. I also went to Safeway afterwards to get some groceries. Doing that after Arm Day probably wasn't the best idea. Everything seemed heavier than usual! I decided to get some taco meat ingredients. I texted Julie to see if she wanted to come over to help me eat it. She came with chips.


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