Monday, August 10, 2015

Checking Consultant's Crappy Work and Performance Workout

A member contacted me on Thursday, saying that she had some feedback on the online course we hired a consultant to work on. Apparently there was a lot of feedback that each page of the online course was printed out and feedback was handwritten. Period here. Word replacement here. Incorrect term here. I was scared to open the FedEx package this morning because I wasn't sure how much damage was done and more importantly, how long it would take me to type up the feedback that was handwritten. Even though every page of the online course was printed, not every page had a change made to it (thank goodness!). It did take a good 2 hours for me to comb through everything, type it up and make sure that I caught everything. Ugh, the consultant will not be getting repeat business!

Needless to say, I was ready to go to the gym after work today. Just to get all the frustration out. I finished Day 21's workout (lots of crunches and squats). Phase 1 of Crush60 is officially complete, YAY! It's difficult to comprehend that I've made it through a third of the program already. I went from doing workouts with weights at home to venturing to the weighted section of the gym, sometimes being the only female lifting amongst the sea of testosterone. Sure, sometimes it's intimidating (I'm 5' 3" so basically everyone is taller than me), but it's getting to a point where I feel like, "Hey, I have a right to be here just like everyone else!"

After the workout, I went to the other gym for spin class. Man, I'm beat!  Zzzz...
I called Mom earlier this evening to check on RJ. "Was he a good boy today?" Mom said that Julie asked her the same thing when she got home from work. "Why does everyone keep asking if he's a good boy? Of course he is!" No, Mom, he's got a naughty reputation...maybe he's just good around you.


Jen W. said...

I still find gyms scary. Good for you for claiming your place there!

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