Monday, August 3, 2015

Good Performance Review and Day 17

I received an “exceeded expectations” rating from my supervisor on my annual performance review. She actually rated me higher than what I rated myself ("met expectations"), so that was an unexpected surprise. It's unclear what the budget situation is, but I hope there's room for raises. I already know what I'll buy for myself when that money comes in: some new Bluetooth headphones. I'm just not impressed with the two sets I've bought so far.

As for working out...Day 17, done! I definitely sweated my little heart out today...that's why they call it a Heat workout. I did everything except the incline walking after work, went home to feed RJ, went to spin class, and then did the incline walking. Getting out of bed tomorrow should be interesting.
Looks like Mom and Dad are having a fun on vacation. They better squeeze all the fun in before they have to come home on Saturday.


Laura said...

congrats on excellent review! and it sounds like you have been killing it lately with your workouts - what an inspiration :) keep up the good work!!

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