Monday, August 17, 2015

Weight Loss, Day 24 and Card for Coworker

This morning started off on a surreal note.

Still half asleep, I decided to step on the scale this morning out of curiosity. I was shocked with what I saw: 148.1. I squinted in disbelief. I even went to get my glasses and step back on just to make sure it wasn’t just my imagination. Nope, still the same number. For context: my highest weight was 159 in April 2015. I was at 153.6 on Day 2 of Crush60 (July 2, 2015). I haven’t been below 150…in forever. Seriously.

It’s really rewarding to see hard work pay off! This picture actually made it onto Crush's Instagram which is awesome, too. I think the thought bubble was a nice touch, hah.
Today was a back workout. I got through about 80% of it before the crowd, went home to feed RJ, went to spin and then finished the remaining exercises after spin. So tired....
One of my coworker's last day is on Friday. Kara and I went to CVS to buy a card for the office to sign for her, but we didn't like any of the ones that were available. So, before bed, I made one instead.


Jen W. said...

Whoop whoop!!!!! Huge congrats, Tina! :D

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