Thursday, August 6, 2015

National Root Beer Float Day and Shoulder Day

Today is National Root Beer Float Day.

Oh, yes.  There is such a thing. I got an email from Human Resources today informing me of this news. And even better, the department bought several cartons of vanilla ice cream and bottles of root beer so we could make our own. I'm not a huge fan of root beer so I was happy to have some ice cream at the end of the day, after my 2 PM conference call.

My boss informed me that after adjusting the budget, she was able to find some funds to pay for my cell phone. Hmm. That's cool.  Well, I'll have to tell Dad when he gets home from vacation since my phone is still under the family plan.  Heh.

Day 19: Shoulders, done! Spin class, check! I wasn't sure if I'd be able to hold myself upright on the bike when standing up. With the arm and pool workout from yesterday, I was kinda sore today, but I mustered the strength to just keep it moving. I have the Leg Day and Performance workouts left and then Phase 1 of Crush60 will be complete, which is nuts!  Time flies when you...sweating like crazy.

Oh, and I'm loving the Jaybird earbuds that I bought yesterday. Definitely money well spent.


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