Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CrossFit and Sad Day in News

Julie sent me a text message last night. "You haven't signed up for class tomorrow." Gawd, crazy stalker! -_- Ok ok, I've signed up. Geeze.

Good class today. I learned how to do a clean and jerk. Anddd we had to do 30 of them during the timed part of the workout. We also did pullups, so tough!

I decided to switch my telework day from Friday to today and take Friday off. My phone went off and I noticed a Twitter notification that something had been retweeted by several news outlets. Hm, something's up. Must be serious. It was news that there was a reporter and her photographer that had been killed during a live broadcast. WTH?! That's so sad and wrong on so many levels. I had the news on all day as the police tracked the killer. I think the fact that he died from his self-inflicted gunshot wound makes it worse because he won't be brought to justice. And then later on today, the Smithsonian released news that the smaller of the baby pandas died. UGH, no more bad news please. This is enough!

I went over to my cousin's house tonight to say bye to my uncle who is leaving to go back to Taiwan tomorrow. They informed me that my parents were going to go back to Taiwan in December. What? No one told me that! How am I the last to know about this news?! At least they will be here to celebrate Christmas before they go on their second vacation of the year.


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