Saturday, August 15, 2015

CrossFit Class and New Piercing

CrossFit Class: Ahhh, so many wall balls at today's CrossFit class. I originally had a 10 lb. ball, which was fine for the first round of 10, but then with 20, the trainer asked if I wanted to trade and he handed me an 8 lb. one. Those 2 lbs really do make a difference, but it was still hard because the amount went up by increments of 10. Whew!

New Piercing: The thought of getting my nose pierced started last year around my birthday. Every time I thought about it, I would chicken out because I was scared of the pain. The thought has been resurfacing lately, so I rewatched some YouTube videos and reread some Yelp reviews of tattoo/piercing places. After I cleaned up from the workout this morning, brought RJ home from my parents' house, I went to gas up my car, got money from the ATM and went to the tattoo place (Tattoo Paradise in Wheaton, Maryland).

The shop was small, but clean and the front desk guy was friendly and was patient with answering the questions that I had about the jewelry being used, the price, the aftercare, etc. They asked me to fill out a form, so I did and paid for the piercing. They asked me to have a seat, while they set up in the back. The piercer (who wasn't the front desk guy), at first glace, would be very intimidating. He had multiple piercings, stretched earlobes and some tattoos, but he was friendly and explained the process, which put my mind at ease. He marked the spot, asked me to check it, asked me to lay down...breath in, breath out, anddd DONE!  There was no time to worry about anything because the process was so fast! All things that I was worried about from watching the YouTube videos didn't even happen. I didn't tear up. I didn't bleed. It didn't hurt when he threaded the jewelry through. Easy peasy! Sheesh, I should have done this a while ago!

Does this still count as impulsive if I've been thinking about this for a while?

Is it weird that I'm wondering what my mom is going to say?  Heh.


Jen W. said...

It looks awesome! Good for you, girl! Totally not weird you're wondering what your mom is going to say. Do we ever stop worrying about our mom's opinions? My 36 year old brother got his first tattoo last week and it's freakin' huge. He spent two years coming up with the design and then getting up the guts to do it. And he still hasn't told our mom! Ha ha!

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