Friday, August 28, 2015

Day Off and Leg Day

Whoo hoo, day off!

First order of business, Day 28: Leg Day. Oh, my quads. So many squats and deadlifts. -_-  There was a Crush workshop happening in New York City today, and it was cool to see the pictures roll in with all the smiling faces. I hope they decide to do a DC one at some point.

I had ambitious plans to go to the mall after the gym, but nope, that didn't happen. I went to Safeway to get something to eat after the gym, went home to shower while my sheets were in the wash. After they dried, I promptly put them back on the bed and passed out. It's tough to resist fresh sheets. RJ must have felt the same because when I woke up, he was sprawled out on his back in the other direction, basically a mirror image of me, hah.

After dinner, I went over to Target to grab a thing of brownie batter Oreos to take with me when I go see Robyn and Meg for dinner. I also bought some new fine point Sharpie markers and a thing of Edy's Frozen Custard (vanilla) to try. You know, for science.

I hope I'm not too sore to enjoy CrossFit class tomorrow morning. I signed up without Julie's stalking text reminder. I got the last spot too. Whew!


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