Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weird Dreams and Spin Class

Ugh, I had some really weird dreams last night. They involved getting into a verbal fight with a friend and then her also telling me that her parents were getting a divorce. o_0 Too bad there isn't a reset button. I'm really hoping for some restful sleep tonight.

I didn't let the morning funk get to me though. I cranked through a lot of my to-do list at work: 1 contract, 1 session proposal and 2 poster abstracts. It's a race to get a bunch of things done because my boss is leaving for vacation in a week and I don't want some of these things to wait until she gets back on September 9 (?!).

Because Sadira is leaving, I got pulled into two future meetings. I already had a planning meeting about it last week when I was in Atlanta, but then I got pulled into a committee meeting that's happening in September. The email from the director said "You know we will feed you." My boss told me they'll probably invite me to the committee dinner that night, "You can network with members you haven't met before." Sure, that sounds great, but really, I just want to eat.


I was feeling uninspired on what to have for lunch, so I went to Safeway with Reggie. I ended up getting some soup and a large sub from the deli. I was hoping that no one was going to be around as I came up the elevator and was going to put the sub in the office fridge. Nope, no luck there. I definitely got some raised eyebrows and of course, Reggie had to call attention to it. "Look at Tina's big sub!" Hey, don't be jealous. I think it's more economical to get the sub which will last longer than something you'd get at Potbelly.

I took a break from lifting today, but I did make it to spin class. I told Julie that I'd go to CrossFit Wednesday morning, so we'll pick things back up tomorrow (har har, get it?). I arranged a Happy Hour for Sadira on Wednesday after work and I know my motivation for going to workout afterwards will be slim to none, so it'd be best to get it out of the way at 6:30 AM tomorrow. I never thought I'd say that...EVER.

Hm, I think I see some shoulder muscles coming in. :D


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